Automation System

Why Choose Security System using in Smart Home or Business Purpose

Take complete control of your home with Advance technology System. Turn your home into a smart home that enhances your home security and improves energy efficiency and much more. On the road, back from work or whereas on a vacation manage your house from anyplace. Have absolute management over your entire home right at the tip of your fingers.

Home Lighting Automation System in Bangalore

Kavya Infotech Provide the best Home Lighting Automation System Dealer in Bangalore. Control your lights your way with Kavya Infotech lighting automation system. The solution includes complete lighting control or customized lighting control. The easy to use mobile app enables you to control and adjust the lighting system based on your mood. We’re not limited to just that, Kavya Infotech also have complete solutions for pathways and stairways with motion detection lighting systems that save a significant cost on energy and saves time.

Fibaro RGBW Controller

  • Power metering
  • 4 source of light control
  • Light tone control
  • Light intensity control

Video Door Phone

Video Door Phone or Video intercommunication system Solutions prevents you by breaking your physical security barrier (i.e. doors & gates) for an unknown person by giving you full flexibility of seeing & talking with the visitor even when door & gate is open. Out prime expression of fixing security systems is to keep ourselves, our family & our belongings safe and in this Video Door Phone plays major role then the only evidence collection security systems. We suggest our every residential clients to have VDP as a must, no matter you are fixing a very regular brand & model or more expensive with many features.


  • CDP-1020HE has wonderful design With considering of Sence of valued customers and provide A slim looking with two-tone color (Black & Red, white & Pearl)
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Visitor Image Memory (128 images)
  • Room to Room call, Household to Household call Function control: Gas, Lighting, Curtain, Boiler, Appliance, Mobile handy
  • Security: Fire, Burglar, Gas Leakage
  • Network: Connectable with streaming/ WAP/ CTV Local server

Gate Automation

Gate automation is one of the most effective options to secure your home and premises and it also gives an ease of use. We can operate the gates using normal switch or can integrate it with secure authentication for opening the door like with Remote, ANPR Cameras, Face Detection Cameras, RFID Cards, Bio-Metrics Authentications & Smart Phone Apps etc.  Kavya Infotech is taking Gate Automation project for residences, commercial spaces, tech parks, factories etc.

Glass Protect

  • Wireless detector
  • 180° detection angle
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • Up to 9m break detection distance
  • Electret microphone sensing element