Hotel Management System

What is Hotel Management System

Kavya Infotech Provide a POS system, or point of sale system, is a system that can be used to conduct retail transactions. Essentially, it serves as a tool for processing payments, but it has a much broader range of features than a conventional cash register, allowing users to process different payment types, access important information, check stock, and more.

Within the hospitality industry, POS systems have become more popular, because hospitality businesses need to make sales while accessing the most up-to-date information about perishable inventories, and while optimizing pricing based on revenue management principles. As the POS system serves as an integrated system, information like levels of stock, number of sales, and total revenue can be updated automatically, in real-time.

POS System

  • Low power consumption and Fanless for quiet operation
  • Easy access mechanical design for
  • HDD and Compact Flash maintenance and Upgrades
  • Integrated wall mount VESA design for wall moount applications
  • Optional peripherals such as MSR,
  • Programmable Keypad, Customer


  • Command Protocol is based on ESC/POS Standard.
  • Various Layout are possible by usiing page mode
  • Character can be scaled upto 64 times as large as standard size
  • Repeated operation and copu printing are possible
  • Character front size(12*24/9*17/24 font)

The future of Hotel management

Kavya Infotech Security dealers will offer you peace of mind, not withstanding you’re miles and miles away. No matter if you run a small boutique or a large hotel with a restaurant and bar, you can manage all channels with Epos